Exploring the Croatian coast

Do you long for a little holiday in Croatia or simply want to know its surroundings and the coast? A sailboat for lease in Croatia is not suitable only for people who are engaged in sea sports or have a boat license. If you already have some experience with sailing in Croatia and would like to try something new, then you can choose a catamaran. Of course, you don’t have to wait just for the summer to go on a trip with your family or friends. The sailing season does not start or end in summer!

Why to choose a catamaran?

The catamaran is especially popular due to its spaciousness. It is suitable for young families with children, and also for sea and free sailing enthusiasts. You will love this type of boat. It consists of two connected hulls. The catamaran has enough space to be fully utilized during the cruise. The advantage of the choice is that you can opt for a motor catamaran or sail-powered catamaran.

How are the catamarans compared to sailboats?

The catamaran differs significantly from the mono-hull boat. Compared to sailboats, the catamaran can easily overturn in case of a strong wind because it has no weight. A catamaran for rent in Croatia can also be a more cost-effective alternative if you want to experience adventurous sailing and explore the coast.

Is sailing at sea safe?

The sailboat for lease in Croatia guarantees you a feeling of security since the boat is really stable. In case you have little experience, it is really enough if you can learn the basics and proper maneuvering of the sailboat. Usually, they sail at the same level, but catamarans can also lean significantly. If you master the very basics, then you can enjoy real and undisturbed fun at sea that will bring you a new sense of freedom. The longer the sailboat or catamaran is, the safer it is. Such larger boats are offered by charter company www.LuxurySailing.eu.